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I just stumbled on ISY’s on Amazon.  It’s awesome that ISY’s are Prime items! 

Thought I would point out something that might be confusing to a shopper not as familiar with UDI as I am.  The very first most important thing listed in the “Features & Details” section makes it sound like you don’t get warranty if you buy this item thru Amazon. 

While I completely understand that Universal-Devices is the seller, and the warranty and support would apply, this statement appears to say if you buy through Amazon it’s not one of the official distributors therefore you’re screwed so don’t buy via amazon.  Also why is this the very first point listed, shouldn’t it be last? Or does it need to be included at all?  Or is Amazon a rouge distributor, and this statement is valid... lol. 

Another issue with the Amazon listing is that it prominently features MobiLinc without mentioning that it’s a 3rd party paid app while also failing to mention other 3rd party paid apps such as eKeypad.

I probably read too many details, but I’ve written and proofed too many documents and details like these jump out at me.  Just thought I’d point it out.  




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1 hour ago, asbril said:

If you look again you will see that the ISY is sold by Quantum Networks, but fulfilled by Amazon. See top right of page.Warranty applies.

 I see that now.  I'm on mobile, its shows the information differently there, but does show that.  I had scrolled all the way to the top of the page and clicked Universal Devices, which lead to me what I thought was a UDI storefront.  But I do see the quantum networks info now. 

in any case it's all confusing, and actually misleading, when it comes to the the mobilinc tie-in. 

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Hello everyone,

Thanks so very much for the feedback. We had to put this since there were literally 20 others sellers selling ISYs on Amazon. And, to make matters worse, we had no clue where they got their ISYs from. In addition, some of those were returned to be fixed OR old ISYs were returned instead of the new ones. So, we just had no choice but to do this and 90% of the problems went away. I agree that we should make it more clear.

With kind regards,

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