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Flickering lights on program timer

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There are quite a few variables lurking in here. In addition to seeing the program as suggested, what kind of light is it, LED, etc? Some lights don't do well with dimming. If the behavior can't be changed with a program, it might be possible to address it by experimenting with different dim levels.


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Is it an insteon bulb? Being designated "dimmable" is not a guarantee of how it will perform with an insteon dimmmer (assuming insteon). Insteon uses triac dimmers and that can potentially add to the problem. I have several brands of dimmable leds... some dim ok, some have pulses when dimming or other odd behvior 

Before trying to fix the program, I would:

  • experiment with the admin console to see if you can reproduce or find a different level that might work. 
  • if its a bulb, switch it with something else and see if you can reproduce the symptoms


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This sounds to me as if there is also a scene involved.  Is it possible that the motion sensor and light are part of a scene, with motion sensor as controller?

5 hours ago, starmanj said:

I thought somewhere in the Wiki this was addressed but can't find it, where you have to set the light to a certain dimming level first?

Yes, this is in reference to changing the scene responder levels for a given controller.  

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8 hours ago, starmanj said:

Is it better to put this light in a scene and modify scene light level, vs directly controlling the insteon switch level?

It depends on how sensitive you are to a slightly-quicker response.  There are benefits either way, but the program should work fine.

The reason I asked about whether it was already in a scene (still not answered) is that it sounded as if the light, when triggered by the motion sensor, is going to full-on, then dimming to the programmed level.  This sounded to me like it was first responding to a scene command then to the program.

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