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hi, just upgraded to 5.0.14 and my "Query All" seems to have disappeared.  No problem, just rewrite it, but can't seem to see how to do that.  I must be missing a simple command I just cannot find.  any help
Query ISY?

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I think he's talking about the program that runs every morning at 3am or so to query devices.  The "query" command stopped working somewhere in 5.0.13 and was fixed in 5.0.14, so I wonder if that somehow caused the program to disappear.  Like you said, it's easy to replace.

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Here's my Query All program:

Query All - [ID 00A0][Parent 0001]

        Time is  3:00:00AM
        Set 'ISY' Query
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
Factory Query Program

I renamed the top of my node tree to "ISY", but I think it starts as "My Devices" or something like that.

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