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MS II "sensitivity"


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I installed a new MS II in my garage, and works fine.  I think the default sensitivity was "7".  I see the numbers go up really high (I assume higher is more sensitive) and tried a much higher number but did not seem to help.   Do I have the backwards?  anyone play with this setting?



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When I first got my MS II, I tried playing with the sensitivity level and it didn't seem to make much difference.  However, I was only testing the sensitivity as I walked directly toward the MS since I was trying to use one sensor to cover two long hallways that could be seen from a particular MS position.  My understanding is that detecting something coming directly at it is the most difficult case for a MS.  So it's entirely possible that changing the sensitivity level could have more impact on detecting things crossing the path of the MS.  By the way, I ended up using two MS II instead of just one.

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