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New Z-Wave Module

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I have just installed a newly purchased Z-wave module and I'm a bit confused as to how to proceed. I have attached screen shots of my current configuration as well as the current Z-Wave version and the error screen when trying to upgrade the firmware version. I am unsure about what version of Firmware or UI I should be using or the correct order in which to install them. I'd appreciate any assistance in moving this forward. Thanks.

ISY Info Screen.PNG

Zwave Error Screen.PNG

Zwave Version Screen.PNG

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First, your UI doesn't match your ISY firmware -- you'll need to fix that.

Additionally, it looks from the Bootloader Version that you have the new Z-Wave board, which requires v5.0.xx of the firmware.  You'll need to find the most recent 5.0.xx firmware thread on this forum to get a copy of that to install.


(BTW, this EXACT IDENTICAL question was asked not very long ago -- the search box on this forum should help you find that discussion.)

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When I tried searching (which left me frustrated because of all the wait, wait, wait messages) I could not find much. The information is confusing and there is no definitive list of where to get which versions of either the UI or Firmware.   When I search I got sent to beta versions. Wasn't sure if I should be messing with beta versions. Is there a place/section/topic where one can find matching UI and Firmware versions? 

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The firmware that works with the series 500 Z-Wave board in indeed the beta version, 5.0.14.  Below is the link.  Firmware 5.0.14 is stable for most users/testers, and I believe it's mostly feature complete.  There are some known issues/bugs, mostly in device support, but not many standing in the way of fundamental system stability.  Read through the forum linked below to see if the issues being reported are show stoppers for you. 

Sorry, I have no idea if the older 200 series Z-Wave boards are still available.



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2 hours ago, dekalbbear said:

Thanks, but I have already ready set it to size 20 font and high contrast theme. Still impossible small for these old eyes. Even with my glasses I have resorted to using a fresnel lens with this program. An even larger font size would be most helpful.


Try this.



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36 minutes ago, dekalbbear said:

I tried to install the admin console icon as instructed from the user manual but no icon appears so it is impossible to even access the properties.

Try using the new ISY Launcher for starting the Admin Console (I don't know if it will solve the problem you're having, but it might not hurt):


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