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Create scene from currently light state?


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Is there an easy way to "capture" the current state of a series of lights into a scene?

It seems like one of those "there must be", but I can't find it.  If I multi-select lights and add them a scene, they are all added with the light level at 100% vs where they are at the time I'm adding them.  Given how long it takes to adjust each lamp (especially when adding like 20 lights or something), I was hoping to find a "quick" way to just select a subset and say "add to a scnee with the current levels as the scene levels".

Am I dreaming?


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Yeah - seems so.  Sort of surprised that for as long as the ISY was been around some sort of "build a scene from current state" thing hasn't been implemented (at least as part of the UI).  Would seem like a pretty common way to build scenes.

I'll prolly build something for the future and just make do for the meantime ;-)


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