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Mobilinc doesn't support ISY Portal in new apps


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From Mobilinc page:

  • MobiLinc X requires your ISY-994i have our MobiLinc Portal module installed. To install, open the Admin Console and go to Help->Purchase Modules to install the MobiLinc Portal and then Help->Manage Modules. Do not install the UDI/ISY Portal as MobiLinc X will not work with the UDI/ISY Portal. If you've installed the UDI/ISY Portal, please contact UDI Support to have them remove the UDI/ISY Portal and install the MobiLinc Portal for your ISY.

Looks like they want to compete with ISY portal. Mobilinc is too expensive and slow with feature updates. What are the alternatives? I'm afraid UD is too dependent on Mobilinc and this will harm UD in the long run...

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As Michel stated, I don't believe that Mobilinc is trying to compete. They are simply trying to control the process they use which they can't do by going through someone else's servers. Besides, Wes has already stated that if demand is high enough he is willing to add udi portal service. If anything, Mobilinc needs UDI more than the other way around. Without the isy, Mobilinc didn't work but without Mobilinc the isy does work. 

The  ISY was designed to be an automation controller. It doesn't need apps with it unless you choose to use one. With time and effort one can quickly outgrow the need for apps.

I have sensors, remotes, voice control all running my stuff. Because of that I haven't touched my app in over a year.

There are other apps such as agave and ekeypad. Simply search your app store for Isy or universal devices. 

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