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Program red/green activity stripes disappeared


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These stripes and fills on the program and folder icons in the Admin console are quite nice for debugging. They were there just this morning, as usual, and then they just disappeared. I tried restarting the Admin console, made no difference. Running 5.0.13D.

The status chart on the Summary page still shows the programs as running, and all seems to be fine with execution, just the Admin console doesn't show it on the Details page.

Here is an example, BTH light_day.do is currently executing, it is disabled to suppress triggering from the states in the IF clause, it was called from BTH motion_day.


But, on the details page, there is no filled green notation. Further, the programs that have a status as TRUE, do not show green, and also no red stripe for FALSE.

CURIOUSLY, all the folders DO properly show the green or red stripe. I have disabled a number of the folders. I'm in the process of migrating to v5 and cleaning up a lot of the code.



Any ideas?

* Orest

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@Michel Kohanim,

With respect, that is not pertinent. Although that program is disabled, it was running by a call from another program, as I note, and that is confirmed by the Summary page. Previously it would show as running with a filled green color.


Looking through the entire tree of programs, there is no instance where either the red/green left edge stripe is visible (showing the last true/false instance), nor the filled in icon on the program where it is actually running. It does show correctly for the folders though.

This is in marked distinction from before, the change in behavior was quite obvious and just started all of a sudden, it has gone back to the long ago time of not having these handy markers.


I installed and ran the admin console on another computer, and I have now updated both the ISY and consoles to 5.0.15A.

Curiously, the same errant behavior continues on that initial (laptop) computer (no red/green markings on the program icons), but on the desktop where I just installed it, the program colors are shown as they should be, see the next post.

I have already refreshed the admin console, clearing the java cache, on the original computer, anything else I might try to get it to work again?? The java is up to date. Both are running Windows 7.

So, why not just use the computer where it works? Well that is a desktop and not very portable, not nearly as handy for debugging things on the go.

Appreciate any suggestions.

* Orest


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I did once. I even jiggled the cords!

That said, I'll reboot again, now with the new console installed. Maybe it will twiddle something in java ...

No, no joy.

I also tried changing the font size, I saw some threads that had issues with some of the text in fields, but only at certain font sizes. Didn't make a difference.

* Orest


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4 hours ago, Chris Jahn said:


There is actually an option for showing the green/red icons in programs, and I suspect it was somehow shut off.

In the Programs / Details window, right+click on the My Programs folder and select Status Icons -> Detailed


Thanks much. Got my colored icons back. It had been somehow set to folders only, which is exactly what it was displaying. \0/

* Orest

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