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UDA application will not lauch properly

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I am a relatively new user and not a techie. I use insteon devices only. While the system, has been up and running for a number of months, I do not make many changes. Lately, I am having problems getting the application of launch . When it launches, sometimes it shows the ISY, UUID, URL and type which is a ISY994i. Sometime it shows the version (4.7.3) sometime not.

It then shows system busy and when I enter the user ID and PW to access the it either does not connect or shuts down the application.

All my routines work. I just cannot access the application to add an existing timer to a routine.

Any help is appreciated.

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"If the Admin Console closes automatically,....". (This is from the troubleshooting section of the UDI Wiki). This exact problem arose when I tried to use my console recently, after several months of non-use, and it took me about 3 hours to solve.  I use Kaspersky security and tried the approach described in "Configure Firewall - Kaspersky" for it, with no success.  At the time I did not know what exact website address to use.  The link example in "Configure Firewall - Kaspersky" (http://*.example.com/*)  provided no help because it did not lead to anything nor did it describe what my website address would look like. I tried a few possibilities, to no avail.  I subsequently turned off my firewalls and found that the problem still existed.  So I decided it wasn't a firewalll problem. Somewhere in a saved online discussion, I read about adding a URL to the ISY finder.  It advised that the added URL should include port numbers.  Then I had to struggle to find where the port numbers were identified. I learned they were stored in my UDI 994i configuration. Of course, being unable to open the Admin Console, I could not access them.  I found an 8 year old picture of my configuration that had the port numbers, and used them and they solved the problem. Perhaps this approach would help someone else. A picture of my modiifed ISY finder is enclosed.

20201121 Broken URL causing Admin shutdown - fix.docx

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Dear Jim Lamb,


You're a life saver!!    Your description matched mine exactly,   not having  used Admin console for several months, and also using Kaspersky with a protection pause having no effect.  So I followed the same approach as in your attachment:  I added the two URL entries  to ISY Finder (ports 80 and 443 are the normal defaults, so I used those too).  The only difference is that for port 443 I had to use an https://   vs http://  URL   (secure vs unsecure) before it would successfully add the line.   Then I ran the console from that line (by right clicking) and it now runs again!!


Thank You!



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