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Programs Missing from Admin Console

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In the last few days, most of my programs have gone missing from the admin console and I'm getting a "Not Implemented" error when I click into the Programs tab and click around within Programs. I can dismiss the error, but it tends to pop again when I click into another program.

All of the devices are intact, but most of the programs appear to be missing.  However, they are still working from Mobilinc and Alexa and they all appear in the Portal (I have not refreshed any of these recently). So they exist, but I cannot see them within the admin console.

My PLM seems to be fine and the links table looks good.

The first step I took was to upgrade from 5.0.16 to 5.0.16C.  A screenshot is attached.  Should my UI version be the same as the firmware version?  How do I upgrade that?

Next, I tried a restore from a backup I created on May 1.  Come to think of it, this problem may have started right about the time I did the backup.  The restore failed with the message: "Invalid system configuration file," perhaps because I had upgraded to 5.0.16C.

So, everything seems to be functioning ok, except for the admin console.  Or, is this a sign of a problem with the ISY994i itself?

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 4.28.49 PM.png

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8 hours ago, maxnorth said:

Yes, I noted that in the original post.  My question was how to upgrade the UI.

From this post, 


Read down and follow directions for start.jnlp, making sure you select the correct one for your firmware. You will need to clear your java cache beforehand.

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