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8 button key pad / shutting off best practises question


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Hello all, 

I use the 2334-222 8 button key pad and similar items to control scenes and have a 'best practise' question' as I'd like to understand what others do. 

Q1. I have a scene 'Cathy entertaining' that allows my wife to set up the house the way she likes it for guests. She starts it with an 8 pad button. She rarely shuts it off by same - I'm the geek.  Rather than have the scene accidentally shut off by time or duration when her guests are still here I just use a somewhat brute force method by triggering a different scene "All off" that shuts everything off in the house. This runs a couple of times in the early am just as a catch all. As the 8 way is is not a controller of this scene, it and its associated backlit stays on despite all of its scene members being off. Without running a program to explicitly turn the entertaining scene off, I'm assuming there's an obvious and logical way to get the keypad button turned off. What am I missing ? 

Q2. We have occasion where members of two scenes over lap. Is there an elegant (meaning not a ton of almost duplicate programing) way to have the keypad button light shut off when members of its scene are shut off by another scene thereby making it obvious to my wife to hit her button again ? 

Q2b - An example of this is when a traditional 3 way - one light, two switches - managing a hall light by example is also a member of her scene. 

Q3. The Agave program does an interesting job of showing a % active of a scene, triggered or not. By example we have 20 different blinds controlled via the z-wave ISY and when, say, the downstairs ones are up and upstairs are down, the app shows 50% . If 1 is up and the rest down, it shows 5%. Has anyone tried to replicate something like this through a program that in turn sets the back light percentage of a key pad or similar I've been thinking of adding up items on, off, etc and using it as a variable to drive the % . Anyone else's ideas or code would be appreciated. 

Thank you all. Again I know I can figure out brute force methods of accomplishing these things but i'm hoping others can shed some elegance/ best practises that allow the methodology to scale to a significant number of scenes and, preferably not need a ton of tweaking when I create new scenes or modify old. 

Any guidance welcomed,


Cheers, Peter

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In order to change a button state (LED) on a KPL, place the button as a responder of a new scene.

Then turn this scene on/off in a program.  (it will not activate/change the scene that the button is a controller of)

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