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Non dimmable LEDs with Dimmer


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28 minutes ago, andrew77 said:

Is it okay to have non dimmable LED bulbs running off a SWL dimmer or a KPL if I have the ramp and on values maxed?

If i have to get dimmable LED bulbs its not a deal breaker. Just asking

I have done that many times without problems. Likely save the power supply by soft-starting the power supply.

I wouldn't try it with motor loads though. The dimmer circuitry never achieves 100% waveform.

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10 minutes ago, andrew77 said:

Thank you Larry (for the info and the quick reply)


I didn't think it would be an issue for a few Home Depot LED 60W bulbs but I wanted to check regardless.

No motors, just 6 bulbs.


I wouldn't do it. While people have been able to get away with doing so, you could potentially shorten the lifespan of both products.

Use the correct tool for the job. Do you really want to replace a $50 switch in 2.5 years over spending an extra buck for a dimmable switch?

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Even at 100% on level. There is a short distortion of the AC power around the Zero Crossing. That may or may not effect the bulb or the bulbs electronics will not play nice with the dimmers.

I would do a test of the exact bulb model if I wanted to try it and observe for unexpected results. If I wanted to try the mixture.

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