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PG3 Kasa TP-Link Node Server 3.0.16

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I can't say for sure that it is related, but after updating Polisy to 3.0.50, my 6 Kasa devices no longer work in ISY and same in IoP.  They show connected but can not be switched on/off in ISY. 

I restarted the Node server, queried the Kasa controller and devices, but no luck. I can change on/off in the Kasa App but then the changed  status is not reflected in ISY.

If nobody else has the same issue, then tomorrow I may try a re-install of the Node server.

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9 hours ago, JimboAutomates said:

Yes others are reporting issues with many node servers and the latest PG3, I've not been able to test it yet.

Yep. Same error in log I just reported under HarmonyHub Node server.


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I downloaded the trial version of the v3.0.10 Kasa node server.  I have a couple of TPLink outlets that I turn on and off using network resources, and would like to experiment with the additional feature set of this node server.  However, it faults when starting.  I'm using Polisy and PG3.  Here are the last few lines in the log file, including the error.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


2022-04-17 12:19:17,850 Interface  udi_interface.interface INFO     interface:_startMqtt: Connecting to MQTT... localhost:1888
2022-04-17 12:19:17,855 MainThread udi_interface.interface WARNING  interface:db_getNodeDrivers: tplkasactl not found in database.
2022-04-17 12:19:17,856 MainThread udi_interface.interface WARNING  interface:send: MQTT Send waiting on connection :: {'config': {'version': '3.0.10'}}
2022-04-17 12:19:17,881 MQTT       udi_interface.interface ERROR    interface:_connect: MQTT Failed to connect, invalid identifier
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The Polyglot Version 3 Node Server for Kasa TP-Link Version 3.0.14 is released, see the Release Notes.

You can now have the node server rename nodes to match what they are called in the Kasa app https://github.com/UniversalDevicesInc-PG3/udi-poly-kasa/issues/10 see doc https://github.com/UniversalDevicesInc-PG3/udi-poly-kasa/blob/master/README.md#change_node_names


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