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New Dual Mesh Devices


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Just wondering if there would be any positive reason to use a dual mesh PLM to connect to the ISY, aside from having an additional access point. Would there be any difference aside from having to plug the ISY into the wall instead since the new DM-PLM will no longer power devices? Could it be advantageous to use the dual mesh version instead in case of future development with the ISY that would allow direct communication with wireless devices? I'd just like to make an informed purchase and be as future ready as possible.


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Hi Quixote,


I would be the first one to commend SH for having the Dual Band PLM as it simply makes sense.


This said, however, at the moment, I must say that I do not recommend 2413s for the following reasons:

1. We have not thoroughly tested it yet

2. It supports 1/2 the number of links as that of 2412s

3. In our lab environment where we have both, on the same configuration, querying the whole network (30 devices) takes less than 30 seconds on 2412s and more than 90 seconds on 2413s. In most cases, ISY has to repeat the same command twice before anything is successful


With kind regards,


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The 2412S PLM is no longer showing on the sales pages of Smarthomes web site.


If you use the search function for 2412S. You are routed to the Discontinued Products Page and the recommended replacement is the 2413S Dual Mesh PLM. :(


If you go to one of the other PLM models sales pages. There is still a working link to the 2412S PLM and it still shows "In Stock". Who knows how long that will last. I ordered an extra 2412S to be safe. While still in stock.


Looks like the 2413S maybe closer than we think for the ISY99i. Hope someone remembers it will then need a external power supply as the 2413S does not supply power and has a smaller link database.


For now. The Smarthome ISY99i kits with PLM. Are still showing the 2412S as part of the kits.

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