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Programing Folders (Dusk / Dawn)


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I am in my 2nd hour of programing and getting excited. I have a question about using programing folders to aid in Dusk Dawn programing.


I want to have a set of lights turn on at Dusk (Dimmed Scene) and turn off at Sunrise. I also will be changing the scenes based on a outdoor motion sensor.


This is what I have:


Folder Level:

Dusk / Dawn


If Status 'Outside - Motion Dusk/Dawn is On

Then Allow the programs in this folder to run


Program Level


Outside Lights - Dusk / Dawn

If - No conditions

Then Set Scene 'Outdoor - Reg Lights" On

Else Set Scene 'Outdoor - Reg Lights" Off


Outside Lights - Bright on Motion

If Status "Outside - Motion Sensor' is On

Then Set Scene 'Outdoor - Bright Lights' On

Else Set Scene 'Outdoor - Regular Lights' On


I have a couple questions:

1.If I set up the condition at the folder level, won't that prevent the Outside Lights from ever turning off? The the folder condition goes to false, how can I hit the else condition in the Outside Lights - Dusk / Dawn program.


2. Even if I change the program to time stamps (computer Dusk / dawn times) won't I have to have a program shut the lights off before I hit the sunrise time?


3. Am I safe to assume that if I have a trigger condition in the Outside Lights - Bright On, when the condition is set to off the else condition will take effect? I have my motion sensor delay set to 8 mins (better than programing a variable condition) but after this time, I want it scene to change back to dimmed.


The goal here is to have lights outside go on at night and turn off in the morning in a dimmed state. If there is motion picked up near our cars or walkway, I want the light to brighten to 100% for 8 mins without motion.


Any advise for this noobie would be great. I can't wait to really start digging in, but I feel that I will probably go 15 more Insteon devices as I don't want to mess with X10 as I think I have to create variable programs to see the state of each device.

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Hello jjwrecker,


You are right ... if the folder condition turns false then nothing in that folder is going to run. So, you might want to have two folders one for Dusk/Dawn and one for Dawn/Dusk.


Furthermore, programs with no conditions are evaluated to false. So, what you want to do is to add a schedule From/To today to next day at the same time. This program is always true.


With kind regards,


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