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Best way to "start over" with a KPL?


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I am a little confused with the KPL issues that "may" be present during the 2.7.9 to 2.7.10 drama. :?


I have a couple of KPL's that I installed while my ISY was version 2.7.9. I upgraded to 2.7.10 painlessly but I have a few issues with the KPL's.


Without really wanting to get into the troubleshooting, I just want to factory reset the KPL's and add them back with 2.7.10.


What's the best way to do it? Do I need to delete each device thats in the KPL scenes or can I just delete the KPL scene?


Do I need to delete all programs that include the KPL's and then rewrite them? Or just leave the programs as they are and when I add the KPL back into my device list...all is good?

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Hi intellihome,


All you have to do is:

1. Remove your KPLs from ISY ... you don't have to touch any scenes since ISY removes them for you

2. Factory reset your KPL

3. Add them back in


Do not touch your programs since they work based on INSTEON address. As such, when you add your KPLs back, they should start working again.


With kind regards,


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