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How to acquire sensor parameter values, i.e., temperature


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I have been using the ISY Polisy for several months with several short programs.  However, one aspect of the programming eludes me in spite of searching the forum.  That aspect has to do with establishing the names of variables for sensor parameters, like temperature or battery level for use in a notification report, or use in a program.

For example, the Zoom ZSE 40 sensor with motion, temperature, battery level and luminance allows a conditional test to be made against a specific numeric value. However, defining that same parameter in a notification is not obvious.  This parameter value must be available internally as a variable so that the conditional test can be made, but where is it for the user?  What is the convention to acquire the value of a sensor parameter so I can equate it as a value in a variable of my own making?  How can I embed sensor variable names in a notification report, so that in the email posted, when the test condition is true, it also provides sensor state about its local conditions.  In a conditional test, I have used the ZSE40 temperature tested against a temperature less than 60 degrees.  How can I define the internal variable describing the actual temperature, so that it is available for use in a notification report

Any help would be much appreciated.


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@CMortimer I'm not 100% sure on z-wave side as I don't have any to test/help/review. But make sure you look at this from the wiki for variable information:


I think I've seen some mention that the temp should have a node address assigned to it. You can then use the information in the link above to reference that in a notification. 

Hope that helps. Perhaps others with more variable experience can chime in.


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Thank yo so much for your help.  I also found this same information but when I tried it, it did not work.  However ...

I found out the solution to this matter of acquiring the actual sensor internal parameters.  This approach involves the Action feature in a program.  In Actions, select Variable in the left hand box.  Then select the variable you have created to hold the sensor value and define the conditional relationship for that variable.  I found out you cannot directly use internal sensor values in a program but must equate a variable you create to a sensor internal parameter, i.e. temperature.  Then click several times on the small right arrow at the end of this line.  This will sequence various features: number, another variable, time, and then another line showing sensor internal options.  In this last line you can identify the specific sensor parameter you want to equate to the previously created variable name.  See attached picture.

This feature does not appear to be described in an easily found reference.  It works!!!  problem solved!

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 12.14.55 PM.pdf

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