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ISY994i v4.9.0 Update for UD Mobile

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My system us stable and working well.  I would like to switch from Mobilinc to UD Mobile.  Its my first step in moving toward eisy. Currently I am only using Insteon devices and like everyone, I am concerned for my PLM.

Reading the Current Release guide, I think that I should upgrade to 5.3.4.  That's OK for me since I don't have Z-Wave  However, there seem to be a lot of conditions to that upgrade and the changes are small.

So I look back to 5.0.16C.  It has big banners that say don't use it any more unless you have Z-Wave (I don't).  However, I see a lot of the same manual intervention warnings there too.

My questions is this:

What is the safest, least problematic and most direct path to allow me to use UD Mobile?






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3 minutes ago, tommyv said:

What is the safest, least problematic and most direct path to allow me to use UD Mobile?

The move from 4.x to 5.x was a big step so any move to 5.x to be able to use UD Mobile will require some time to get things sorted out.

There have been a lot of posts about this, but simply saying...read the 5.3.4 release thread. Skim it and look for pitfalls. 

The simple answer to your question:  Go directly to 5.3.4. Do NOT think about anything else. You don't have Z-wave so you don't need to worry about the warnings on 5.0.16C. Don't even consider installing some random version of 5.x and then thinking you will upgrade to 5.3.4 if it went better than expected. The best, and perhaps safest thing is to bite the bullet and install 5.3.4.

Now, here are some pitfalls to watch and hopefully minimize your "pain" (interaction) in the update process.

  1. Backup current system - yes, it tells you to do this in the release thread, but do it again just to make sure you've done it.
  2. On the ROOT folder of the Programs tab right click and select "Copy to Clipboard" (it's the LAST option in the menu). 
    • Paste the programs into a (plain) text editor (like NOTEPAD for Windows). DO NOT PASTE IT INTO WORD OR OTHER WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM - it could auto format text and you don't want that. 
    • MAKE NOTE of any "Disabled" programs - on some occasions when you go to 5.x all programs become enabled so you will need to disable any permanently disabled programs you have. 
    • If you have any "adjust scene" programs you will need to correct those once you update. 
  3. Be sure when you're done that you properly clear your Java cache (checking all three boxes in the process!)
  4. Download a fresh start.jnlp file from UD website or the wiki site. (I usually tell people before doing this to delete any OLD start.jnlp/admin.jnlp files from anywhere on the computer as sometimes OLD files will be used, and you need a fresh file that you just now download. 


This should get you there. Give yourself some time to accomplish this. Don't expect to have it done in 5 minutes, but it usually shouldn't take too long either. 

Hopefully you're currently running 4.9 (last 4.x version released). If you run into issues you can download 4.9 again from the previous release area and restore your 4.9 backup and be up and running quickly. 

Post back and let us know how it goes. 

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