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Problems with Scenes

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@Clarence Martin if you have the pro version on 994 or any version on Polisy/eisy you will have these two buttons on the admin console ribbon:  image.png.7ced68b164e62358bf7cb8b4a1caf48d.png  you can use the left one to pause automatically writting to hardwired devices.  the right one is the same thing for wireless devices.   When scene programming it's best to press both so they are "deselected" image.png.0d88cf2342b24cf236661cb0ceae1bcc.png or greyed out.  this will cause the changes to be batched by the admin console... press the left button again to enable to cause the batched changes to be written when you are done making scene changes. 

If you have unwritten battery device changes queued that will also slow changes, when writing scenes. do you see any 1011 icons like this image.png.afcfa79197ad86460f0a97726bc30ff5.png (or greyed out) hanging around, especially on wireless devices?  those will cause problems when writing scenes and make it take longer.

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15 hours ago, Clarence Martin said:

I am having problems with my Scenes. Is there a section in th wiki that explores scenes. Apparently there has been achange in how Scenes work now.

What problems are you having? The wiki covers scenes. 

Did you recently upgrade your isy? What's your firmware AND UI?

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