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No NS logs after migration to PG3x

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None of my Node Servers are displaying logs after migration to PG3x. I changed log level to Debug for all of them and there should be stuff there by now. There are no problems seeing PG3 log entries. Am at 3.2.2.

If someone can point me to where the NS log files are,  using SSH I can go look there to see if there's anything there. 

Edit: for the record, yes, I did do "Reinstall all Node Servers" after migration

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The node server log viewer is different on PG3x than on PG3.  PG3 shows both real-time entries and historical entries.  The PG3x log only shows real-time entries.

This means that when you navigate to the node server log page in PG3x, it will only show log entries that are written after you navigate there.    So if you're navigating to the log page and away and back, it will always be empty when bring up the page.  

The log files are in each of node server's directories at /var/polyglot/pg3/ns/<nodeserver>/logs

You can also use the "Download Log" button to download the entire log file.

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Thanks. Good to know. Sorry if I missed it in the documentation or release notes.

I tried navigating to the folder but after 'ns' folder, I get permission denied. My concern is that I may need to go back a day or more. It hasn't been a day since I migrated but, based on past experience, the log entries are from midnight the day you're asking for them, not before.

Assuming this is the case for PG3x too, please consider allowing access to the needed subfolders. I find it so much easier to use WinSCP to navigate the file system and copy files to my Windows machine for troubleshooting and/or reporting problems, but right now when I try to navigate to one of the Node Server subdirectory, I get


WinSCP doesn't do 'sudo' (unless I just don't know how to set it up to do that with each double click.)

While I can find the logs using putty/CLI by doing "sudo ls -l /var/polyglot/pg3/ns/<longrandomnodeserverID/logs" plus root password (multiple times at first to find the subdirectory), then use same long path to 'cp' it somewhere I can access, it should be much easier to get at these log files, IMO. Especially for people who don't eat linux for breakfast.

Just a suggestion. Thanks for considering it.

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Good suggestion.  

The permission change was part of the security improvements made in PG3x.  So, yes, the logs are more secure (not sure that's a good thing or not).

Yes, the log file is rotated so that it only holds 24 hours work of log messages, from midnight to midnight. However, it does keep 14 days worth of logs for each node server (and PG3).  They're just not accessible by any means other than the command line.  Maybe adding a drop down selector to select which day's log you want to download from the UI would be helpful.

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