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Swapping ZMatter boards


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I think the internal Zmatter board in my Polisy is failing and I have a USB ZMatter board I would like to swap in. I wanted to make sure the following is what I would need to do:

1) backup zwave in AC

2) power off Polisy and remove internal Zmatter board

3) plug in USB Zmatter and power ON Polisy

4) once booted up restore zwave

5) reboot

Is that right?

Also, before powering off (step 2) would it help if I disabled "Zwave Support" in AC then re-enable it after step 4?

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1 hour ago, Michel Kohanim said:


What makes you think that?

With kind regards,

I have a ticket open that lists many (but not all) the problems I've all of sudden encountered.

I would add that even if it turns out to NOT be the board that's the problem this time, I'd still like to know how to swap one (assuming it's doable - is it?). I'm hoping it's not unlike replacing a PLM in principle though hopefully not in frequency :-)


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1 hour ago, Techman said:

In the Zwave menu there's a BACKUP and RESTORE option. Be sure to always have a current zwave backup.

yes, I do. thanks. do you have any experience with the steps I'm thinking need to be followed? does it work? does disabling zwave support help, hurt, or make no difference?

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