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Error Adding Notifications


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7 hours ago, btreinders said:

First error I got was I have over 1024 programs and subsequent tries results in the error in the screenshot.  I am on the latest IoX and PG3x on a polisy.  Thank you.

Does the system have > 1024 programs/program-folders? 

If  they system does have > 1024 programs it is a bug in UD Mobile.  ISY994 had a limit of 1024 programs which I do not think was updated for eisy. 


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9 minutes ago, btreinders said:

Yes, I even had more than 1024 with the ISY994.  5.6.4 says it changed that to 2048.

Thanks.  It was removed in IoX, but I don't think the check was updated UD Mobile. So it is likely most of the Program functions in UD Mobile will not work correctly.

I'll try to get this fixed in tomorrow, although it may take a few days to go live in the app store. Likely to be version 1.1.19.

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