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How to find programs containing a certain device

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Not a great title to my post so apologies.

I grabbed a SWL and replaced a regular switch for our bedroom closet.

When I 'discovered and added' it I selected add device and remove all previous links.

But every morning we find the closet light on.

I looked but I'm not able to see why its turning on.

Is there a way to find all programs/timers that contain a certain device?

The screen grab is the Membership tree



Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 9.23.14 AM.png

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@andrew77 yes, if you right click on "My Programs" (or anywhere in the programs list) a menu option is "Find/Replace". You can search for device or you can search for raw text. If you've already deleted the old device it probably won't show up in any programs as it would error out. If you used the same name for the new device and didn't "replace device" (On the device you have an option to "Replace {device} with") it probably didn't put the new device into the old programs (I'm not sure if it's going to randomly restore a device if you removed it then added a new device and called it the same). 

image.png image.png


Another option is to look at the summary tab and see if there's a recent run program (when you wake up). It's possible a recently run program will show you what's turning that light on if it's indeed a program.


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Is it new and never used or reinstalled SWL previously used?

Did you factory reset it before adding it? If reinstalled as you found still may have old links in it. If it was new occasionally we see one with test links from the factory and always for a good measure factory reset it also.

In the Administrative Console. If  you click on the SWL you should be able to do a show the links in the unit and that may also give you some information.

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Remove previous links should have removed no longer used links.

If it is not in any scenes and directly controlling any other modules. It may have too many links in it and that is one possibility it is still following scenes it is not related too.

The first two are the PLM's ID if I read the screen correctly. The next three are links are for other functions. #5 is  the end of link table entries. From the link below. The next three A2 links are responder links. To scenes or modules controlling it.

This my help: https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/9525-how-to-read-a-link-table/

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In the Administrative Console.

Click on the SWL in question. On the right side of the display should be a Management Listing. Responder too list and if it is controlling something. There will also be a Controller list.

Just noticed. Your original post shows it is a Responder to. Entry Way KPL All Off and Upstairs.  One of those maybe running and changing your SWL state.

You may also find some information. In the Log file and maybe the error file.. In the Administrative Console.

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