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Admin Console IoX 5.7.0 - Insteon i3 Paddle not showing in scene details


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I recently upgraded from isy994 to Eisy using ioX 5.7.0.  I have 70+ Insteon devices controlled.  I just added two Insteon i3 Paddle switches to the network.  I can add them to existing scenes through Admin Console and they show up in the tree/folder on the left side.   However, I do not see the i3 switches in the scene details and therefore cannot change the device behavior in the individual scenes. 

Attaching photos of a simple scene assigned to a keypad button to turn select devices OFF.  

Any ideas on how to customize the i3 Paddle switch at the scene level in Admin Console?


Screenshot 2023-09-23 104855.jpg

Screenshot 2023-09-23 110216.jpg

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