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Notification GPS envelope Doesn't work anymore


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Notification GPS envelope that I have set for both my phones use to work.... after the 2nd to last update my wife’s phone doesn't work anymore.  Mine phone is the only mine works. I have actually deleted her app. I’ve actually gone through and redone the Code key. I’ve done everything possible.  The reason why it’s a concern is when my wife comes home with my daughter and her wheelchair. It’s a real pain for her to get the door open without auto opening so it’s a need I need to figure out why it’s happening and why it’s not working anymore...
Thank You for your time .... thoughts....

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 2.04.21 AM.png

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I don't use this same form of geofence, so I'm not an expert at all to completely diagnose your issue. Others here will certainly be more helpful than me.

Having said that - and this is a shot in the dark....

Because your phone still works with your setup, it points to your setup being okay.

I would look at the issue being with your wife's phone. I would start there. Is the software on her phone up to date? Try restarting it. See if wifi is turned off on her phone (is it in Airplane mode).

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@GSutherland I'm not really sure where this fits so moved under the Notification node server for now.

Perhaps a little more information would be helpful to get you moving toward a solution.

  • What kind of phones are you using?
  • What OS are they on?
  • What version UD Mobile are you using? 
  • What PG3x version are you using?

I don't use the Notification node server other than the basic that's offered so uncertain what you're meaning by the "GPS envelope", but I have an iPhone 15 (iOS 17.0.2) with UD Mobile 1.1.24 and my geofence works okay as long as the app is open. I've found that if I force close the app then geofence crossings are not being updated with UD Mobile.

Without the additional information I'm not sure if @Javi or @Jimbo.Automates would be able to help narrow down the possible issue for why one phone works and one doesn't. 

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Well tomorrow my wife gets her new phone so I will keep y'all updated that fixes it but ask for her current phone she's not iPhone 11 Pro Max and she's on the latest iOS and my IUD is on the latest.  I am a developer for Apple and I don't understand why this doesn't work currently right now, but it might all be remedied tomorrow.

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