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YoLink Valve Controller 2

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I'm pleased to report YoLink's Valve Controller 2 works with the node server; even though, it's not on the list of supported devices.

This controller has valve control and sensing, but only one node was added. I opened and closed the valve on the admin console just fine.

I also opened and closed the valve manually with the handle. That also correctly reported open and closed on the admin console. I don't know where it's getting its information from, but it works.

I've only used the node server for a few days with many leak detectors, but so far, it's rock solid.

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My guess is it reports as 2 different devices - and one is the valve controller (manipulator).   There is no API yet for the flow meter but hopefully it will come soon.  Once it is available maybe you can give me access to your controller for 1/2 a day and I can likely add the support - I would buy my self, but they do not have my pipe diameter :-( 

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It added one node named "YoLink Valve" with a NodeDef of "yomanipu." Restart log attached.

This package is a Valve Controller 2 with an Evo Valve Operator. I thought this would fit my existing valve, but it doesn't. I'm saving it for another location, though. I'm going bite the bullet and install a 3/4" and 1" version of this package. That won't happen until January. Different valve actuators, but it's the same controller.

I've reconnected it after node server testing. It's just sitting on the floor. You can have access. Let me know how that works.


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OK - I though you had the flow meter as well 

I believe this is the same API as the manipulator that is/was used to control valves before.  The name of the node is what you specify in the YoLonk app (short of special characters) - the yomanipu is the manupulator driver.  This shoudl work fine 

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