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4.0.8 Discovery

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Sorry, need help again.  I am at my summer home which has 3 security+2 openers, previously setup with the MQTT version of the plugin.  I re-flashed each ratgdo to security+2 and v2.5I board.  I can access each ratgdo via LAN IP or http://ratgdo25i-xxxxxx.local.  I installed the new plugin and used custom parameters (gdodevice0...2) and ratgdo25i-xxxxxx.local;ratgdo25i-xxxxxx.  I get the attached error message when I try to discover the ratgdos.  Log attached.

Each ratgdo shows up on my wifi system correctly;  the only issue I see is that when I access each board via ratgdo25i-xxxxxx.local, the name for the board on the page is slightly different, ratgdov2.5i xxxxxx. 

after %22discover%22.png


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If you can put, e.g., http://ratgdov25i-8d3159.local in your browser address bar and access the ratgdo, then the auto-discovery should work. Remove the config parameters and try discovery without them.

If not, then your ratgdos may not be receiving broadcasts from the eISY, e.g., may be on a different LAN segment without a bridge or route. In that case, you need a “gdodeviceX” configuration parameter for each with the IP address and the device name. The device name doesn‘t have to match anything, but if you ever perform discovery again and the device name for that ratgdo is different, then a new node for that ratgdo will be created and you will have two  GDO nodes pointing at the same ratgdo.

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@SHM since you posted a new topic moved your other post into this. Since the other post is really a release post, but had turned into a support post it just makes sense to have your issue in its own topic and extending the other release post further.


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I tried removing all custom parameters and then discover.  No nodes added.  Re-added custom parameters using LAN IP;ratgdov25i-xxxxxx and that added all nodes for the 3 doors.  Thanks.

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