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In Stock?

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@bbuchanan99, @Jmine, @wuench, and any others...

As @Techman mentions above the best way to get this answer (or attempt to get the answer) is to contact Universal Devices directly. As I suggest in another thread that asked this question.

Using the email provided above or via their "Contact Us" portion of the UD website is probably the best way to get your answers.

While the forums are monitored for most active issues something like this might be better asked directly with Universal Devices via their "Contact Us" method on their website:


The forums are more user-to-user support with a few topics monitored by UD staff (Note: of which I am NOT...I'm just a user like everybody else here). 

So asking here and bumping threads does very little. Please use the contact method available through the Universal Devices website to ask these questions.

Closing this thread as it has been answered as solved to the best of the ability that the user base can answer.

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A few minutes ago (July 1, 2024), I submitted a support ticket asking for restock status for the Eisy. 

Michel replied almost immediately, and said they were expecting stock within "the next 2 weeks at the latest." 

Sorry for starting a new thread, but someone locked the other one and I couldn't answer the OPs question there. 



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