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Script help, garage door status


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Hi and thanks in advance.


I have the following script for my garage door to let me know when it is shut:



status of "garage sensor" is off


send notification to "ME" content "garage door is closed"


No actions.


I also have a notification sent to me if the garage door is open for more than 60 minutes.


One thing I noticed is if you close the garage door but something is in the way of the safety sensors, the garage door would reverse back to open but the sensor would have triggered off during this time and sent me a text that it was closed.


Anyone have an idea of how I could add a statement to check the garage door status 5 minutes after the notification was sent?


Something like: wait 5 mintues, if sensor is still off then do nothing, otherwise send text garage door open.


If it matters, I have it set up backwards so when the sensors are ON the door is open and when they are OFF the door is closed.


Thanks again for the help.

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Does the Sensor change state just before it reaches fully closed? That is, is the magnetic switch mounted such that the door has to be closed before it turns the Sensor Off? If so it would seem the door closure is too sensitive rather than an obstruction.


You can put a Wait 5 minutes before the email for door closed. If the door opens within the 5 minutes the Status changes to On, the Program If is reevaluated because it is in the Wait which will now be False so the Else clause runs so no email.

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The sensor is mounted so that when the door is fully opened it connects with the magnet ...

when you close the door, after that first 5 inches of travel the sensor is now no longer connected with the magnet and the text is sent stating the door is closed before the door actually finishes moving into the closed postion.

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Thanks, that explains things.


Edit: I suggest moving the magnetic switch to the door header so that it indicates "door fully closed"/"door not fully closed" rather than "door fully open"/"door not fully open" in the existing arrangement.

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