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KPLs and scenes, how do I get them to do what I want?


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I am using a couple of KPLs to control FanLincs and in one case a remote In-LineLinc. They almost do what I want, but not quite, and I want to see if I'm doing something wrong or they just don't work the way I think they do.


With the FanLinc, I have three scenes, one for each fan speed. In each of those scenes I have one button set as a controller and two other buttons set as responders. This lets me have the controller turn on but the other two buttons off; essentially having three grouped buttons. This works great from the KPL, but if I turn on the scene from the web interface or from my phone all of the buttons light up. Is there any way to have both the buttons act as grouped buttons and also be able to turn the scene on?


I'm trying to do something similar with the In-LineLinc, but in that case I am going to be controlling them from a pair of KPLs in different rooms. I'm writing some code to treat the A, B, C, D buttons as timers and need to be able to turn the scenes on and off to activate the buttons.


The one thing I thought of was to have one set of scenes just with the buttons I want on and the FanLinc/In-LineLinc as responders and a separate set of scenes setup like I mentioned above. I couldn't get that to work reliably either.


Any thoughts?

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The ISY does not yet support using the Scene name such that some of the Responder KPL buttons will turn Off with a Scene On.


Where multiple KPLs are being using if the KPL firmware is v.40 or later than the buttons on either KPL will works as you want when operated from either KPL. They will not operate as desired if using the Scene name for the reason stated above.


If the KPL firmware is below v.40 then ISY Programs triggered from KPL button press which turn Scenes Off which have the Responder KPL buttons that should turn Off must be used.

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