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Remotelinc 2 questions...


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It's the ISY. How do I fix the link record problem? I'm not out of range. When I press the remotelinc button the device changes state but not in the admin console unless I query that device. The communication seems to be ok since it says Hops left = 2.


Not sure how to fix this. ANy ideas?

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Things do not make sense. A RemoteLinc2 cannot be queried as it is asleep. Where are you seeing a Hops Left=2 if the Admin Console is not changing state? The RemoteLinc2 is restored as other Insteon devices are. Right click on the Primary node, select Restore Device. As with any RF only device it must be manually put into linking mode.

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Sorry I wasn't very clear...


When I turn a light on via the Remotelinc2 the current state in the admin console doesn't change....it still says off. If I then query that device it changes to the state adjusted by the remotelinc (changes to on). When I run a query the Hops left = 2.

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The RemoteLinc2 is added to the ISY using New INSTEON Device, Enter the Insteon address, Name of your choice, Device Type as default Auto Discover. Be sure to manually put the Remoteinc2 into linking mode with the RemoteLinc2 Set button as required with all battery RF devices.


You now have at least one link record in the responder device the ISY is not aware of. It will eventually be overlaid or deleted. Strongly recommend doing a Restore Device on the responder device to clean up the link database before adding the RemoteLinc2 button(s) as Controllers of ISY Scenes.


Are there other Insteon devices being used that are not defined to the ISY?

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Yes, to restoring any device that has been linked outside of the ISY.


RemoteLinc2 buttons are linked to ISY Scenes the same way KeypadLinc buttons, SwitchLincs, and so on. There is nothing special about a RemoteLinc2 except it goes to sleep to save battery life.


As with all battery RF devices the RemoteLinc2 must be manually put into linking mode with the Set button before any link records can be written into the RemoteLinc2. A battery device will timeout of linking mode in 4 minutes.

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The only exception would be if you wanted a completely independent control of a module. Where none of them where known to the ISY Controllers system at all.


Then you could manually link the independent RemoteLinc to a independent device or devices.

That would be a completely independent system and could not have any of the devices in the ISY Automation setup.

Not sure why any ISY owner would want it but it technically can be done.

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I use my RL2 without including it in scenes. I trap for button presses (if RL2.A On or RL2.A Off) and do what needs to be done by program rather than scene. This way I don't need to worry about the toggled state of any of the RL2 buttons when they are used in combination with other controllers.


So no, you don't need to have the RL buttons in scenes but you DO need to do everything at the ISY rather than direct linking outside of the ISY.



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