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Is there a way to connect a washing machine to ISY 99i/994i


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We have been heavily using ISY voice in our configuration using Networking Module, be it announcement that a specific door is open or not, weather information in the morning, and so on.


I have used the following as a reference.





One of the programs I am thinking of is an annoucement, as suggested by my wife, to alert us that laundy is completed. In line with this, I would like to know if there is a way to connect a washing machine to an ISY? Will an I/O Linc work for this? If yes, what is the best way to connect it.


Appreciate other suggestions.



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There is a tutorial in the CocoonTech Forums on using a current sensing switch to determine if a device is On or Off.

I believe it was written for an X10 Powerflash but I don't see anything in the CT800 sensors specifications that would prevent it from triggering an I/OLinc's Sensor Input.


http://cocoontech.com/forums/page/artic ... ensors-r58


Some modern power saving appliances may cycle on and off and is the only thing I though of that could possibly cause the sensor to cycle On and Off during the appliances run cycles.


Side note. Multiple posts with the exact same questions are hard to keep track of.

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Gary, so you suppose those are latching solenoids on the doors or require constant power to stay latched?


I think I will go the syncrolinc and just put some wait codes into the programming, simpler.


I don't know if they do or not. However the latch is locked and the machine knows that it is, so I can tie into that circuit.

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