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Irrigation Requirement problem


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I am having the --214748.352 inches Irrigation Requirement problem that I have seen others mention in the past. I am unable to solve it with an "Irrigation - Reset Variables" operation. I have edited the program, written a new program and run the reset many times but the Irrigation Requirement stays at this odd number. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my irrigation program ran all winter (without the actual irrigation connected obviously).


Don't need to start irrigating yet but it is coming up soon and I'd like to get this fixed.



Firmware v3.3.10

UI 3.3.10

Open Auto-DR 21010

Weather Information 21020

Irrigation/ETo Module 23000



Mark Alston

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Not sure if it is related but I just noticed all these errors in my error log. If I try manually going to datafeed.weatherbug.com via browser I get a 403 error.:


Tue 2013/04/16 07:23:28 AM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

Wed 2013/04/17 03:14:27 AM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

Thu 2013/04/18 03:01:30 AM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

Fri 2013/04/19 02:49:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 02:50:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 02:51:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 02:54:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 02:55:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 02:58:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 02:59:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:00:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:03:37 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:04:37 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:05:37 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:08:37 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:09:37 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:12:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:13:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:16:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:17:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:18:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Fri 2013/04/19 03:21:38 PM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Sun 2013/04/21 05:33:21 PM System -60006 Stopping retries/next cycle

Wed 2013/04/24 12:47:48 PM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

Wed 2013/04/24 12:48:48 PM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

Wed 2013/04/24 12:49:48 PM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

Thu 2013/04/25 09:12:51 AM System -140005 CLI-WBug

Thu 2013/04/25 07:52:47 PM System -140000 datafeed.weatherbug.com

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However, my status looks good other than the Irrigation Requirement:

Temperature 51.7 F

High Temperature 52 F

Low Temperature 42 F

Feels Like 52 F

Temperature Rate 7.5 F/h

Humidity 43 %

Humidity Rate -12 %/h

Pressure 30.24 inches

Pressure Rate 0.01 inches/h

Dew Point 29 F

Wind Speed 1 mph

Average Wind Speed 1 mph

Wind Direction S

Average Wind Direction S

Gust Speed 7 mph

Gust Direction SW

Rain Today 0 inches

Rain Rate 0 inches/h

Max Rain Rate 0 inches/h

Light 8.2 %

Light Rate 1.1 %/h

Evapotranspiration 0.0809 inches/day

Irrigation Requirement --214748.352 inches

Yesterday's Water Deficit 0.0809 inches

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I would add, change your weatherbug inquiry time. every minute or so is too often for them, and some report outside their terms of service and they can block you.


Are there variables you cannot get at in the module, I would think if you reset the init value and then the real value that should do it.

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Not sure what you mean by resetting the init value and then the real value. The only options to manipulate the irrigation module are to set the cycle complete and reset variables. As previously mentioned, using the reset variables is having no effect. I can use the module variables in programs but obviously my irrigation program won't work since my irrigation requirement is not accurate (and being very negative will not trigger my programs anyway).

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Hi beernutmark,


I am so very sorry to hear. First of all, there's certainly an issue with ISY getting out to the Internet. If you have setup your ISY with a static IP address, I strongly recommend going back to DHCP. Or, if you wish, you can try Google's public DNS servers: or


As far as resetting the variable, are you choosing Run Then on the program that resets the variables?


With kind regards,


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Yes I am using Run Then. I have also tried Run If (but if is blank so it should be the same).


I have tried writing a new program with the same then statement in case the old one is somehow wonky but same results.


Re: static ip. I use port forwarding via ssh to access my isy. I don't really feel 100% comfortable with exposing it's port to the net.


I'll look into the DNS issue. However the weather bug data seems to refresh nicely and all the temp values are correct. It's just the darn irrigation requirement.



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Noticed one more thing in my error logs during a restart. Apparently the isy can't read the insteng.opt file. Could this be the problem and what is the fix?


Wed 2013/05/01 08:18:54 AM System -5 Start

Wed 2013/05/01 08:18:54 AM System -110022 /CONF/INSTENG.OPT

Wed 2013/05/01 08:18:54 AM System -110012 /CONF/INSTENG.OPT

Wed 2013/05/01 08:18:59 AM System -170001 [Network] Established

Wed 2013/05/01 08:26:58 AM System -50001 -6

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Everything is accurate in the climate tab (and has been the whole time) except for the irrigation requirement. All my weatherbug temps have been fine. I use them regularly for my thermostat programs and they are working great.


Firmware and UI versions are in first post but are 3.3.10 for both. Insteon_UD994 v.3.3.10 (2013-01-17-01:13:50). Product is ISy994i/IR Pro

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Upgraded. Ran Irrigation - Reset Variables. No change. Even added Reset Variables to both Then and Else for kicks and tried both run-then and run-else and run-if. Darn variable won't reset.


Firmware Insteon_UD994 v.4.0.3 (2013-04-08-08:08:24)

UI Insteon_UD994 v.4.0.3 (2013-04-08-08:08:24)

Irrigation/ETo Module (23000)


Irrigation Requirement --214748.352 inches


All other weatherbug info is fine.

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First off, thanks for your time working on solving this. I still am not sure why the initial problem came about but I did figure out why my reset variables might not have been working.


I had a variable condition to control the running of programs in my irrigation folder. I am pretty sure I always had it set to run but now I am not 100% sure. I deleted that variable and then noticed that the folder was looking for a non-existing variable to check the run status. I deleted that folder condition and now it has reset.


Might I offer a suggestion for a future release. When manually running a program the folder condition check should either be ignored or a warning message should display showing that the programs in the folder are not active. I would think that they should run just as you can manually run a disabled program I think that you should be able to manually run programs in folders regardless of the folder conditions. At the very least a warning message would help the user figure out what is going on.


Anyway, thanks again.



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