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Possible bug?


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I have sworn on a number of occasions that I changed some value and hit "update" while writing programs and then later it wasn't changed. I chalked it up to maybe I didn't hit update. But I was really starting to think I was going crazy.


Well just now it did it while I was directly watching. I changed "repeat 0 times" to "repeat 1 times". I clearly had the 1 in there and hit update, but the program stayed "0". In the program tree, the program had the little arrow pop up that indicates you need to hit save, so it obviously registered me hitting "update". It does not do this every time. I hit "update" a second time and then it changed. I am quite certain that it has done this to me a bunch of times now that I have positive proof that it can happen.


I am running the 4.0.5 firmware with 4.0.11 gui right now.

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Hi apostolakisl,


This is a serious bug (if indeed a bug). So, in short, the programs are not saved.



1. Is it possible that you have another instance of Admin Console somewhere else?

2. Have you recently made any changes to your firewall settings?

3. Would it be possible to use https to communicate with ISY for a while and let me know if it continues to happen?


Thanks so very much for the feedback.


With kind regards,


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I don't exactly understand the architecture of java, but I assume there is a local file that java is saving all the work in progress and then when I hit "save" it transfers to ISY. It is the updates to the local file that appear to be missing sometimes. The "saves" to ISY do accurately save whatever is in the upper pane, it is just that what is in that upper pane is not necessarily what I thought it was.


I do know for certain that the local Java session recognized that I hit update because in the last instance, this was the first update I did to that program. And it registered in the program tree that a change had occurred and needed to be updated to ISY (the green arrow popped up). Except no change actually had occurred. When I hit "update" a second time, then it did update.


So, I don't think it has anything to do with ISY/local machine comm (ie firewall issue) since "saves" seem to always accurately transfer what is showing on my screen to ISY. But like I said, the java thing is not necessarily properly understood by me.


I did recently switch to windows 7 pro from xp pro, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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Hi apostolakisl,


Admin Console tags programs that have changed and thus you would get the green arrow on each. The main question is whether or not you do get the green arrows BUT the update does not update ISY. Or, you do not even get green arrows?


With kind regards,



I had just opened a program from the programs tree. In the "program content" box, I clicked on a line of the program to which I wanted to make a change. I believe it was a "wait 1 second" that I was changing. I changed the "1" to a "2" in the "action" box at the bottom of the screen and hit "update". At this time, the "program content" box did NOT change the "1" to a "2". However, the green arrow in the programs tree box DID put an arrow next to the program, despite not having actually made any change. Because the green arrow popped up, I know that it was not a failure to click "update".


When I hit "update" a second time, it did post the change.


This is one example where I know the details because I was watching carefully. However, I have had several times where I wasn't watching the "program content" box as carefully and did not notice if the change had actually posted. In those instances I had gone ahead and hit "save" and then was surprised when the program didn't work. Then I went back and saw that the changes I thought I had made weren't there. At the time, I chalked it up to an error on my part. However, I now suspect it was not an error on my part after this most recent event. In this most recent event I was watching very carefully as I hit "update" and saw that nothing changed in the "program content" box but did see that the green arrow popped up simultaneously to me hitting "update". So I know that it was not a failure to hit "update" properly. When I hit "update" a second time (just clicked the left button again, this is a laptop so the arrow didn't move even a tiny bit) the change did register.


EDIT: I just updated to 4.1.0 today. I don't have any programming changes to make right now to see if this problem persists. Maybe I am can think of some stuff to change just for the heck of it. :lol:

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I have had another documented issue that I believe is this same problem.


The following program was running with every query of the device, even though the status was off before and after the query.


       Status  'Downstairs Washer' is Off

       Wait  1 minute 
       Send Notification to 'lou gmail' content 'Laundry Downstairs'
       Set Elk Speak Word '_Custom1'

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


I didn't get it, it shouldn't trigger on a query if the status didn't change. Then I noticed that when I clicked on the " Status 'Downstairs Washer' is Off" in the program, the working section at the bottom showed it as "responding" not "off". Please note, this is a fresh opening of the admin console and I made no changes to anything. I just opened the window. Something is up where what is showing in the "add to program" section, and the actual program, and what is displayed in the "program content for. . . " is out of sync.




EDIT: And, the only way to fix the problem was to delete the program and start over from scratch. Each time I tried changing it to "off", it seemed to work as it showed "off" everywhere. But the program still triggered on a query. When I closed the admin console and re-opened it, once again it showed "responding" at the bottom of the screen and "off" at the top of the screen.


EDIT EDIT: Except that the problem isn't fixed. It is indeed displaying "off" now everywhere. But, a query of it while it is "off" and it stays "off" still triggers a true response. Why are these things triggering on a query with no status change?


EDIT EDIT EDIT: Well it is back to "responding" even though the program specifies "off". After I close and re-open the admin console the gui goes back to the photo above.

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