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Proximity tag ideas


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I'm trying to figure out how to detect if my cars are parked on my driveway/garage and was hoping there would be a easy solution like placing an RFID tag in my car and somehow detect this.. seems very straightforward, but have not been able to find anything that will integrate with ISY..


anybody has implemented something like this?

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I have been successfully using wirelesstag.net for that exact purpose. The system is cloud based but can send events to the ISY using REST commands you configure on their web site. For the ISY to send commands like ping to the tags requires the network module and the use of EventGhost running on a PC. This can reduce minimum back in range detection from up to 5 min. to 2 or 3 seconds by having the ISY send a ping when triggered by a driveway sensor for example.


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You can send REST commands directly to the ISY from your account on mytaglist. URL calling to your ISY can be from tag motion, out of range, temperature, etc. But if you would like to use their APIs to send a command to the tags from the ISY you would need to use EventGhost. The ISY can't save a login authentication cookie needed to send a POST request. What I did was write a script in Python which runs in EventGhost that can deal with authentication cookies in HTTP requests. So basically from a program I have the ISY send a TCP event to EventGhost which will then run the script to send an HTTP POST request to login and do a command like ping to the tag. I would be glad to provide additional info or examples if you desire the ISY to send commands to the tags.

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A tag motion event and other events from taglist are sent to the ISY using REST in a local URL.

Example: http://admin:admin@ ... /set/2/2/2

So if you have no need for the ISY to send commands to the tags nothing else is needed. I only send from the ISY via EventGhost to the taglist to speed up sensing back in range by using their API ping command. To use their APIs requires an authentication cookie. At this time the ISY doesn't support the use of cookies.

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