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Keypad linc procedure, 8 button to 6?


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Keypad Owner's Manual page 16-17 has description for moving from 8 to 6 and 6 to 8


Changing to 6-Button Configuration

1)Replace the 8-button plate with the 6-button plate - Attach the change-out plate to the switch body by aligning the tabs and snapping into place

2)Gently pull the Set button out as far as it will go

3)Wait 10 seconds

4)While simultaneously holding the On and Off buttons, carefully push the Set button back in, flush with the trim frame

5)Once the Set button is pushed in, continue holding the On and Off buttons for 3 seconds, and then release

KeypadLinc will (Beep)

KeypadLinc is now in 6 Button Mode

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The last of X10 was dispatched from my powerline today with 2 keypadlincs and a switch



I thought I was there 4 years ago but these damn Black and Decker X10 weather proof relay modules keep finding their way back to my seasonal exterior lighting.  Just can't bring myself to spend the $90+ to replace them with the outdoor appliance modules since they still work so well.



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Thanks Xath. If it still worked, it would've stayed. Until a few years ago it was working great.


It seems ramping up Insteon devices was part of the problem, along with more chargers, laptops, LEDs, cfls....



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I had to perform this procedure on my 6-button KeypadLinc too. I ordered it as a KPL6 (and it arrived with the correct faceplate/buttons), but it was in 8-button mode. Just out of curiosity, is this the typical default condition for how these devices ship, or does Smarthome (or their subcontractor) usually pre-configure them before shipping?




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I've always had keypads come set as ordered for 8/6. However, I have occasionally received new devices with insteon links/addresses already in them. I took this to mean it was either a device randomly pulled off the line for a test, or a refurb / return of some kind.


(The Homeseer software I used did not have the "remove all links" like ISY so I could see the other links, I'm not able to tell any longer if this happened because ISY does remove them when they are set up)


It could also be a production line issue where a batch of '8' configured boards were sent down the line of physical 6's, or the production line set up on the line was set the wrong way. I'm guessing its one of these.


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If the 6 button KPL was manufactured as an 8 button (regardless of current face plate) a Factory Reset will reset it to 8 button mode.  Hopefully that 6 button KPL was put into 8 button mode during product test and is really a 6 button KPL.   A Factory Reset will set the KPL to its factory manufacture state.  


If it goes to 8 button mode with a Factory Reset then it is really an 8 button KPL which will have to be set to 6 button mode after the reset. 

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