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2441ZTH Thermostat Notofication


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Thanks, I can do that. What I want to know is can its current temperature (whatever that may be) at a given time be sent. In other words, if I want to know what the temperature is at 7:00 am every morning can I get a notification with the actual temperature at that time.

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I think Stu got confused with what you want to do. Yes, you can create a custom notification message with the current temperature embedded in the message. I forget the actual variable name but if you search the Wiki you can find the system variables that you can use in your message.


Or .. someone that already does this might chime in.

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Hi Smoke grub


Start with the most recent manual, located here, section 3.7. 2 things:

  • Notifications are a little tricky. Give yourself time to read, practice and learn them
  • I think the disconnect in this thread is devices vs variables.

Dennis is sending the value of his zwave thermostat temperature from the thermostat, not a variable. I think you can do the same. Look for your thermostat in the ISY, where the temperature is reported, and substitute that name where Dennis has: Interior Temp: ${sys.node.ZW011_1.ST}. You'll need to substitute your thermostat's temperature device name where he has ZW011_1.ST.



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I read what I could find on variables and it was sketchy at best. I could find no detailed information on how/where to create the variable. Of course, I saw the Variables tab and opened it but I can find nothing that tells me what to put in each of the fields and definitely nothing about where/how I would create the variable ${sys.node.zw011_1.52}. By the way, what is the expression zw011_1.52? Is it supposed to be the device ID? Sorry for the bother but I am in over my head here.

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Hi Smokegrub-


What is the Insteon address of your Insteon TStat?


I will format the command you need to add to a custom notification for you.




EDIT: Nevermind.  Just follow this:



   Time is 7:00PM

   Send Notification to 'Your Email' Content 'Temp Report'


Create a custom email notification as follows:


Subject: Temp Report


Body: Indoor Temp: ${sys.node.11 B2 7 1.ST}


Change the address in blue above to match your insteon stat.  Note: Remove any leading 0's in the address sections (07 becomes 7)


Hope this helps.



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Thanks B)

No Problem.  Always happy to help.


Might want to have a look at the Email Substitution Variables page in the Wiki.  It covers device status as used above.

I recently updated it to include user variables and the Ham weather variables. And, very soon we will be able to use these in network resources as well.



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See my link, post #6


BTW, I didn't realize at the time that status for the thermostat would give the temperature.

I must have missed that. :)



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