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Admin console text is tiny on my new computer


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There is something you can use as a workaround until a fix is in place.  On your Surface use the Magnifier, an Ease of Access tool.  I have a link for you that will very quickly get you up to speed on using Magnifier.



With your high resolution screen, you may find the magnifier to be helpful in other situations too.  



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Here is an additional way. You can have specific applications run in 640x480 mode, which effectively increases the font size and touchpoints




Here is how to do this:

  • Find the admin console icon
  • Press and hold it for a second, then release
  • You'll see a popup with the ISY Amin console icon in it
  • Press and hold that for a second then release
  • On that pop-up, tap properties
  • Make properties look like the attached picture:
    • Run in Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode
    • Run in 640x480 screen resolution
    • press Apply
    • press ok



Its not a perfect solution:

  • There will be a little bit of screen flashing / flickering bringing the admin console up.
  • Also, the "+" icons to expand Devices and Programs are still maddeningly small.
    • Press a little left of where you think you should
    • If you didn't get the surface pen for your surface, you may want to.

However, I can flip back and forth to other apps and the admin console. This approach does help with editing programs and watching / adjusting variables, which is my main requirement

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On my new Surface 3 running Windows 10 the admin console is crazy small.  I can hardly read it.  It wasn't like this on my Windows 7 laptop.  How can I fix this?  Thanks!

Each time Java is updated, you'll have to rinse and repeat.  You can use the directions, or upgrade Java

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I would love to see this addressed as well.


You can also use the windows Magnify app. Just set the admin console size appropriately, and hit magnify enough to make it about full screen.


The magnifier does munge the fonts a bit, but it does make it a little more readable.

* Orest

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