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2441TH to replace Honeywell TH3210D


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I have the 2441TH Insteon thermostat and I am trying to figure the wiring out to replace a Honeywell TH3210D.  I'm not sure with the wiring and how they match up.  


Any ideas?



If you have a backup heat source, as you would in a colder climate the 2441TH doesn't have the proper logic for a heat pump.


Heat pumps usually have a second heat source that cuts in after the heat pump cannot keep up with the temperature in the house. Most dual stage thermostats like to cut in the second stage (backup and expensive heat) after the first stage runs for a bit and doesn't resolve the heat call. Your backup would cycle frequently and cost you more bucks.


Typically a heat pump stat would cut off the heat pump once the backup heat cuts in to avoid excessive wear and tear and/or inefficient running of the heat pump compressor in deep cold temperatures. Dual stage stats run both together.


From the online manual.

Read and understand these instructions before installing and retain them for future reference.

1) Your existing HVAC can operate 2 stages of Heat and Cool.
2) Your existing thermostat operates on 24V.
3) Your system is not a heat pump.
4) Your system is not a 120/240V electric radiant heater.
5) Your existing thermostat is not millivolt controlled.
6) Your existing thermostat has 5 or more wires connected.

Insteon Thermostat is designed to operate on a minimum 5-­wire, 24V HVAC unit. If you have only 4 wires you can purchase the “Add-­A-­Wire” adapter item #304AAW from www.smarthome.com.
Note: Installation should be performed only by a qualified HVAC Technician or a homeowner who is familiar and comfortable with electrical circuitry. If you have any questions regarding installation, consult an HVAC Technician or call the Insteon Support Line at 800-­762-­7845.
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