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Do I need to buy 2d isy portal for 2d isy in vacation home?


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I just setup an Echo at our vacation house and love it. Will set one up in our main house too, a discount for just 1-2 extra ISYs would be reasonable and would mostly solve the installer problem. One, two or three devices is probably just some guy. 5 or more is probably not. :)

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Who gets the discount for the first three? The installer or the client?


Sorry, I don't know how being an installer works. Why does an installer have a portal account and all the ISYs associated with it? So they can manage them easier? How many ISYs does an installer typically manage? I assume far more than 2-3 devices. In that case, the discount would be a trivial portion of the total so it wouldn't matter that they get 2 of their ISYs discounted. They could take that $25-50 every 2 years and... keep it or return it to all their customers as a $1 discount or something.


Hi fryfrog,


We do have installer discounts. If you are registered as one, please send an email to sales@universal-devices.com and we'd be delighted to help.


With kind regards,



Sorry, I'm just a regular guy... not an installer. Have two houses and two ISYs and will soon need two on portal because of how awesome Amazon's Echo is. It'd be nice to get a discount.

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