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Replacing an Insteon Keypad


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How do I go about replacing a keypad link without reprogramming?

Thank you!


Add the new device using a different name like *Test*. Once the new device has been added simply go to the device tree on the left hand side. Select the old KPL that needs to be replaced and right mouse click and select *Replace With* the (Test) unit will be one of the hardware selections from the list. 


NOTE: The device must be the same kind - meaning it must be a relay for relay, dimmer to dimmer.

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You need to remove the device from any folder it may be in before selecting Replace With.


Good catch that is one situation that causes lots of head scratching from time to time. Also, OP best practices is to hard reset the device first before you enroll the device to the network.


Anytime I am doing a replacement of a device I always hard wire it to a spare extension cord. This lets me do all of the programming and testing at the bench and not have to worry about standing in some random place in the home.


Once the device is hard reset I do the replace with and let the system do its job. Once the replace with is completed you will notice the *Test* unit will have disappeared from the device tree, this is normal.


After that process is done I test the new unit in the comfort of my test bench and if all is well I install it to its final location. Ensure you properly secure all wires using linesmen pliers or similar.


Do not simply use the wire nut (Marrette) to secure the copper wiring . . .

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