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ISY Portal IFTTT Integration - Question


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Setup Instructions - ISY Portal
  • On portal, IFTTT configuration is in Select Tool | Connectivity | IFTTT 
    • ​When I do this it says ISY is not online, however on the main account screen after my UUID the status is Online since Monday, April 11th, 4;01:35 AM
    • Clicking OK to the error does not prevent me from going to the next step.
  • First, you will need to click on "Set Key" to create an IFTTT Key that will be used to authenticate your IFTTT requests
    • So I clicked the Set Key and created an inbound key.  I assume this gets pasted into IFTTT Maker Channel somewhere.  My IFTTT Maker channel also has a KEY, but I am not sure where it goes in ISY Portal.

​Can someone explain the keys and why I may be getting a not online error?

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Hi epete


I'm not sure about the first problem.  Go into the ISY Admin Console and look under the Portals tab,does it show you online? after you press refresh. I would try rebooting your ISY.


The key does not get sent to IFTTT, you copy and paste it in the Maker channel in your recipes




Where it says Disarmed  above, use the event name you created under IFTTT Inbound Events in the ISY portal, using this format:


Use your ISY Portal IFTTT generated key at the end

  • You'll use the Action part of the maker channel, to cause the ISY to act from an IFTTT external trigger. No IFTTT generated key needed, just the ISY's.
  • You'll use an network resource in the network module to trigger events from the ISY to make IFTTT Maker Triggers to affect something else.



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