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Garage door


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I wouldn't ever have a geofence crossing automatically operate the door.


Chances are, your mobile device thinks (for a moment) that the fence has been crossed and operates the door. Then it thinks it's crossed back, sending the signal again. This results in a small door move.


This is not at all unusual with geofencing. It's not really suitable for automatically opening garage doors!

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I agree with MWareman for those in a high threat area, but you COULD get by with ISY and geofencing control of garage door in areas where you don't have thieves waiting for every opportunity.  If an open door is a virtual guarantee of an intruder, I would not connect insteon or ISY to the door control.


For those of us in less threatening environments, I think a location-based opening and closing of the door can be a viable option.  I use a combination of factors to decide when, or if, to automatically open the door.  The general logic is based on:


a) location, that is, connected to home wifi

B) also connected to car Bluetooth

c) checks current status of door and sends a signal only if open. 


I would probably not use location, alone, as a condition for opening or closing the door.


My experience is that the combination of Bluetooth and wifi location is pretty robust logic and does not result in momentary crossing signals.  I also send a notification to my EMail account when the door has been automatically activated, so that I can check things out if one of those notices comes unexpectedly.  Video cameras are nice for this.

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I have new thing happening lately. When my mobilinc is inside the geo-fence, it sends the signal to open the door. The door opens about 2 inches and stops. Anyone seen this before?

Sounds like a signal bounce or repeat. Possibly your IO/Linc lost it's setup and is closing the contact twice.

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When in momentary B mode, the IOLinc will respond to ON and OFF commands. Whether this is correct depends on other goals and faxtors, but it seems unlikely to me that this (or the 2 second dwell time) is the cause of your problems.


Still, try 1 second and see what happens if you are unsure.


Could this be a mechanical issue with the door? Sometimes, door can physically bounce and cause the opener to sense an overload condition and halt. Does this ever happen when you press the wall switch?

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Problem Solved! I have the IO Linc wires soldered to portable opener circuit board switch. One of the wires came loose from solder. It was still really close and I am assuming that it was touching when the garage door started to go up but when the vibration started on the opener, the wire moved away from the solder joint. Anyway - re-soldered and all is well!

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