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RainMachine: Is this thing on?


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What's the plan for an ISY connector to the rainmachine? I presume it will be for v5, not 4.x? Am not on v5 but do hope to go there when it's ready for prime time and may buy the rainmachine on the hope of a connector to ISY in the future... if it's reasonably likely to happen.


By the way, assuming one has their own local app, e.g. ISY, is one able to use the RM locally only? Or does the API call have to go out to the mothership first to work? 



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Nodelink exposes a RainMachine a rain delay feature, so you can delay watering if your ISY has a way to detect local rain that the RainMachine isn't aware of.  Nodelink allows your ISY to utilize RainMachine programs Start/Stop functionality, and individual irrigation zones have On/Off functionality. 


My RainMachine does very nicely on it's own, as I have good local weather sources that inform it accurately, so I only use the ISY to provide additional granularity to the RainMachine algorithms.  I use the ISY to augment irrigation to hot spots in the yard, as well as to periodically irrigate reseeded areas in my lawn that suffer winter/dog damage.


I find that NodeLink provides a very stable interface to my RainMachine.  I have it running on RPi3, which seems to handle NodeLink and Polyglot just fine.


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Hi io_guy,


Does this support the first generate RainMachine's?


I've been trying to get it working and just get the error:


2018-01-27 12:05:20 - RainMachine Login Error - Unable to connect to the remote server [rain1]
2018-01-27 12:05:20 - RainMachine Login Error - Expecting element 'root' from namespace ''.. Encountered 'None'  with name '', namespace ''.  [rain1]
The IP address and password for the rainmachine are correct.  The original RainMachines only support up to version 3.74 of the firmware and there are differences between it and the latest 4.x firmware in the newer RainMachines so I'm wondering if that's the issue.
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Thanks for this, "Zone on time now settable from the ISY".  Fewer RainMachine programs, better ISY programs...

v0.9.2 (2018-01-28)
- RainMachine: Added ability to set custom port
- RainMachine: Zone on time now settable from the ISY
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