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ISY Finder non-responsive

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something has changed on my server that hosts my ISY admin console. Not sure what happened or when it happened.


Now when I run the admin console link, the ISY finder pops up and then gets stuck and never transitions to the admin console.


When I say gets non- responsive, I cant move the app on the screen, close it, etc. I have to use the task manager to kill the app.


I have resinstalled java, flushed caches, etc


what am I'm missing?


Window 10 pro ver 1607

Java 8 151

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These aren't the exact symptoms, but many virus packages do not take well java / native java apps. Can you try temporarily turning off your virus software, or excluding the admin console from its scan list?

All of my windows systems had a significant windows 10 feature update recently, maybe it happened around that? I would delete the admin console, download it from UDI and reinstall it.



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