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ISY for Insteon and Other Technologies


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I have been an ISY and insteon user for several years. I had a pretty extensive network. My old home had three service panels and despite multiple phase couplers (hardwired and plugin), my network communication went to crap despite everything I tried. 


At any rate, we sold the home and all of the wire-in modules stayed with the house, but I did take my 994i pro (left behind a 994i for new owner) and all my plug in modules.


I have been tempted to use a different technology but am most familiar with my isy and insteon. 


My biggest question is whether or not we can use the same 994i with insteon AND zwave/zigbee products at the same time? My main concern was the door locks...the MiLocks were terrible on battery life and despite warranty replacements, batteries died on a weekly basis for all 4 of my locks. I want to use a different brand now and wondered if I can still get status updates and control (via mobilink) to other brands of locks?


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Hi, stilen

I've been using a Schlage 469 for over a year and a half now and changed the 4 AA alkalines once, only because the motor sounded weak, the lock still reported over 60%. It plays well with ISY v. 4.6.2, very well with 5.x.x. You need a good z-wave network, Zooz makes some inexpensive plug-in on/off modules that make good repeaters. You can have z-wave or zigbee but not both with ISY. What zigbee do you have?



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US distributor for ISY products.


I'm also using Schlage locks. I did some extensive field testing between the front door and detached garage (about 75' through two wood lathe and plaster walls, two drywall walls and an aluminum garage door) and found the Aeon Gen 5 Siren, ZW056 Doorbell and Range Extender to all be equally effective.


The siren and doorbell each have a second purpose (but I don't use the siren, it was the only effective range extender when I bought it). The Range extender is the least costly of the three.

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No, you can buy a different Z-wave controller and have the ISY use it as a primary controller. Oh, wait. You need the ISY Z-wave module to do that. But, other Z-Wave controllers can often access features that the ISY cannot. Unless you're willing to give v5, which is in Alpha testing a go.

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Each technology has its own pros and cons. Personally, I feel insteon is better than zwave with the ISY. However I do use a combination of the 2 protocols. I prefer Insteon switches over zwave and zwave (fibaro) sensors over insteon sensors.


For repeating zwave signals, I use the Cooper aspire outlets. Due to being recessed, you may need more than you want to invest for range but I have not issues. Many people will get the aetec Siren/chime to repeat zwave signals. Both work really well, but I'm simply not a fan of wall worts.


It's Paramount that you have a full mesh network regardless of protocol to ensure reliable communication.

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Although the Aeotech Siren does protrude from the wall, it is a siren. All sirens protrude. It was, at one time, the only available Z-Wave repeater that was widely effective, but now other equally effective repeaters are available such as a doorbell which can be used with the included wireless push-button or with any ISY connected doorbell device. There's also a Gen 6 repeater which is really small. Plug any device into an outlet that's inaccessible such as behind the couch.


And yes, Larry is correct, Z-Wave needs a full mesh which a repeater fulfills (or a number of wired Z-Wave devices).

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I have a similar issue to stillen_i30.  My miIndustries insteon lock broke.  Received FREE replacement of half the lock and I managed  to break it.  Didn't seem fair to ask them for another replacement so I just bought a Schlage 468, based on the recommendations here and it's security rating of 1.  I also considered the Yale lock. As getting a lock for the door was a priority, I didn't have much time for research.


Anyway, I am fully insteon and ISY and don't intend to have other Z wave devices (at least immediately).


So my choice now is to upgrade my isy with the zwave module or use something like the Samsung smarthub or some other zwave hub.  Can the smarthub or a different zwave hub integrate with ISY (maybe using REST)?  


Looking for thoughts of those with experience.



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You would still need the ISY zwave module should you get the smartthings hub. Even if it takes time to build your zwave network, you'll be in better position waiting and saving rather than taking the cheapest route.


You're better off investing the money you would use getting the smartthings into having the proper zwave devices to run your system the way you would like.

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