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How do you Write Updates to a FanLinc 2475F


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I have an Insteon FanLinc (identified in the title) that I recently decided to change the devices that controlled it. I was able to register the new controls using the ISY Administrative Console. However, no matter what I do the FanLinc shows that it is awaiting updates to be written to it. How do you do this?

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MIchel, thanks for the reply. I have tried doing what you suggest. The status line at the bottom of the screen shows "Busy" and the window that pops open says it is writing to the device. When it finishes, the little green icon is still next to the device and the controller which I have added thinks it can control the FanLinc but it does not.

If what you say is the case, then why am I able to see the status using both the ISY Dashboard and the ISY Administrative Console, and also turn on and off the FanLinc?

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Hi GreyFox,

Thank you. Definitely signal/noise … the green 1011 icon means that there are still pending updates that have to be written into the device. This has nothing to do with turning the device on/off. In addition, although some of your scenes are working, it does not mean that everything else is working.

With kind regards,

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