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Possible security issue with Echo?


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Just curious... does any one have an Echo in a room where it is close to a window? My question is, if you go outside and you get close to the window and ask "Alexa, unlock the front door" will she hear the request and follow through with the request?

Just wondering


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I don't see the need to have a remote unlock for my doors at all.

I have a proximity dongle in my pocket for my cars and Schlage combo locks on my doors. A simple 4 key combo releases the automatic dead bolt.

I don't carry any keys at all and I have no automatic door lock releases.

However, I always make sure I have a backup plan in case my main entrance door battery dies.

If I need to allow somebody to pass through my locked doors I can give them the combination and then change it later or set up a one-time usage combo that disappears after one usage.

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The same issue exists if you setup an Elk alarm to be voice disarmed - especially when using a program.... and with Google Home...


Personally, I forgo voice control of locks and my Elk. Easy enough.


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I'm with everyone else on using voice control to open/unlock stuff. Why bother! Anyone that I would open the door by voice for already has their own code to my place so they can get in. While I do value convenience and take a risk/reward outlook when it comes to security I feel voice control over access control devices goes to far. 

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