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All Off or All On


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Is there a way to have a kpl button be All OFF or ALL ON? I want to have an all on button to turn on all lights on the system. I can create a scene for this but thought it might be easier just to have an ALL command but can't seem to find one to setup in the ISY. On the same note I want to setup a few away scenes that would turn off most lights and fans. For this do I need to setup a scene that lists all devices setting them to off or on, or can I say All Off the turn on light A and B? 

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I have a couple of these around the house for big groups of lights.

  • Yes, to your comment, create a new scene with all of the devices to be controlled as responders
  • Add all keypads and switches that should activate the scene as controllers.. its a check box when adding devices to the scene
    • If you added them already as responders only (non-controllers), remove them and re-add them
    • Controllers names will be colored red in the list of devices in the scene
    • Its a subtle thing with the ISY; making it a controller also makes it a responder at the same time.. so if there are multiple keypad keys to control the scene, they will also respond to other controllers

Note that Smartlabs has been removing the All-on feature of insteon devices from their switches for a few years due to operational problems with it. You can get around this by creating your own scene as outlined above. That works fine

To your last comment you can create specialty scenes (the lights and fans comments) that are close but different from other scenes for special purposes. I have some of these that I only turn on and off from ISY programs. 

There's more to it when it comes to dimming. This gives some more details


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I've had great luck using insteon keypads and button scenes in rooms as 3 - 4 ways for turning on laps, fixtures and low voltage fixtures purely as virtual circuits to save extensive wiring changes to meet the design. The lamps are set to come on at a certain outside dusk and off at a certain time, and there is a "good night" button on the way upstairs that will turn everything off. I keep backlight on as darkness navigation aid.


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