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Inovelli NZW37 status without polling


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Goal:  When the physical button on the NZW37 is used to turn on a lava lamp, have the ISY start a timer to turn it off automatically in 3 hours so my 8 year old doesn't burn my house down.

I've noticed the NZW37 doesn't update the ISY with its status automatically but I think it should be.  Maybe I'm just watching wrong.  This link says it should be proactively passing the status without polling via associate group:  HERE.

Am I overlooking something?  

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What version of ISY are you using?, I don’t think version 4.xxxx will receive the instant notification but verdion 5.xxxxx (Beta) will. I know the wall switch is that iway, the wall switch also has a setting to turn of the switch after x amount of time.

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I have the original z-wave board and am running 5.0.14 beta.  My NZW36 reported status instantly but my NZW37 does not.  This is really unfortunate as the NZW37 was a warranty replacement for my NZW36 which lost z-wave communication after a few months.  It would be very interesting if someone else with both the NZW36 and NZW37 could check if the behavior is similar with status reporting.

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